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If you are supporting a man with prostate cancer, you will often find yourself in need of some support for yourself. Being a caregiver is often more difficult than being a patient, especially when the patient is not willing or able to talk to you.

Please feel free to contact either Gary or Jim, who can either help you to understand what is going on in your partner’s mind or refer you to somebody else who is providing the same support to someone in their life.

There are other resources in the Brampton community that can assist you; we will gladly discuss your needs and attempt to steer you in the correct direction.

Gary Foote

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in late 2005 at the age of 54. With a PSA of 37.6 and a Gleason score of 7, my options were surgery or conventional radiation therapy at the time.

I underwent successful Radical Prostatectomy surgery in March 2006 and my PSA has been effectively zero from that point onwards.

Experience: Surgery
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Jim Dorsey

Diagnosed in 1999 with advanced, aggressive prostate cancer. Treatment at Princess Margaret Hospital: six months of hormone shots, 38 doses of external beam radiation, followed by an additional five years of hormone shots. Now deemed free of prostate cancer.

Experience: Active Surveillance, Hormone Therapy, Radiation Therapy
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