15th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

27 Jun 2015 - 8:00am to 5:00pm
Glen Eagle Golf Club
Glen Eagle Golf Club

Our 15th annual tournament was held on Saturday, June 27th at the Glen Eagle Golf Club and was a huge success.

Despite early reservations, we were pleasantly surprised by the great turnout of 110 golfers, who appreciated the change of scenery and the change to a week-end. This change permitted significantly more golfers to attend this year as compared to previous years where attendance had fallen recently.

Our Golf Committee, Morris Rambout, Ron Clayton, Jack Dainton, John Hughes and Margaret Butterly, did an admirable job beating the corporate bushes for small prizes for our participants and the raffle, something that has gotten more difficult with each passing year.

Steve Hutton and Michele Goulding brought us golfers, sponsors and prizes despite their busy schedules. We increased our hole sponsors to 10 this year. Going for 18 next year.

At the site, Margaret Butterly, Sandra Rambout, Judy Clayton, Steve Hutton and Michele Goulding helped out with Registration, our Tooney Hole, the Raffle and Prize Distribution.

Meaghan Sloski acted as our official photographer with a special assistant Al Terry, her father and Prostate Cancer Warrior, helping in various capacities.

Greg Prince Cox, John Donkers and Victor Horvath were amazingly responsible for organizing the participation of no less than 56 of our golfers.

We did miss one of our perennial volunteers, Tilly Netherton, who injured her wrist playing tennis just before the event. She is always a great help throughout the event.

We did get lucky during the event itself as the predicted rain held off until everyone was off the course and into the building. While packing up at the end of the event we were not so lucky and got completely soaked trying to get a car up to the doors to load up our stuff.

The winners of the event this year and three times previously with a score of 62 were Paul Bowlby, John Narvali, Steve Hutton and Ed Moore.

Longest Drive for the men was Larry Mullen.

Longest drive for the women was Sandy Spizarsky after Greg failed his DNA test.
I think one of his partners put his name on that list, but these days, who's to say.

Closest to the Pin for the women was Angela Rogers.

Closest to the Pin for the men was Larry Galo.

Thanks everyone for coming out and we hope to see you again next year.

Gary Foote - PCCN Brampton

Glen Eagle Golf Club
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